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Welcome to yards to feet. Here we show you how to convert these units of length, which are used in in both the British imperial as well as in the US customary systems of measurement. Put simply, on this site you find the answer to the question how many feet in a yard. If you have come to this page by searching for yd in feet, then you are right here, too.

For yards the abbreviation yd is used, whereas for feet you can either use the prime symbol ′ or the shortened form ft. By reading on you can learn how to convert a distance using the formula. In addition, you may use our yd to feet converter further below in this article.

How many Feet in a Yard?

As one foot comprises of twelve inches, and because three feet compose one yard we can answer the question with three. In other words, the formula is

[ft] = [yd] x 3.

There are 3 ft per yard.

As a side note:

Originally, a yardstick made of metal was used to form the physical standard. In both English systems, imperial as well as US customary, all other units of length are derived from this physical standard.

Since 1959 there are 0.9144 meters per yard. As a rule of thumb you can think of a yard as approximately 9/10 meter. Spelled out, one yard is approx. 10 percent less than a meter.

In the next section we show how to do the math.

Conversion and Example

In order to obtain yards in feet you have to multiply the length by 3. For example, to transform 2 yards the multiplication is 2 x 3, so the result is 6′.

Along the same lines 2 1/2 yard in ′ = 2.5 * 3 ft = 7.5 feet, or 270 inches.

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Bottom Line

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Yards to Feet

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