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Welcome to our article about feet to yards. If you have been looking for ft to yards, then you have also found the right site, because throughout our website we use the abbreviation ft or the symbol ′ to denote feet or one foot. In turn, the abbreviation for yard is yd. Read on to learn everything about the length conversion and make sure to check out our calculator further below.

How many Yards in a Feet?

Actually, a yard is bigger than a foot. Three feet make up a yard. Therefore, the answer to the question is 1/3. This leads over to the formula which is

[yd] = [ft] / 3

12 inches equal one feet, and 3 feet make up one yard, which is roughly ten percent less than a meter. In exact terms 0.9144 m equals one yard.

In the next paragraph we explain the math, and there you can find also find an example conversion. After that, you can find our converter.

How to Convert Feet to Yards

To convert the distance or length you have to divide the feet by 3. For example, if you want to transform 9′ to yd divide 9 by 3 to obtain 3 yards.

In fact, both, the foot as well as the inch are United States customary and imperial units derived from a metal yardstick which originally formed the physical standard.

To conduct the conversion even easier we have made a calculator for you. We recommend you try it out, it has been placed right below.


Enter the length, height or width in feet; our converter does the rest automatically for you. Fractions must be entered in decimal form. To swap the units hit the button once.

Change Feet to Yards


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Feet to Yards

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